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Who we are?

As TinkData Technology, we provide end-to-end digital transformation service to ensure effective, efficient and competitive use of your resources.

Tinkdata Technology provides end-to-end solutions in tranformation with Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Big Data solutions, determines the digitalization level of the enterprise,the strategy and roadmap for transformation.


Transformation where consumption of resources, technological development and institutional change occur in harmony

Operational Efficiency

Less cost, higher quality production, sustainable goals


To review the economic, political and market factors that will affect the development of the industry

Predictive Maintenance

Collecting data from the equipments and performing the maintenance accurately and adequately without any deterioration

Corporate Memory

To be able to quickly present the information needed by the Digital Transformation process

Performance Measurement

Crucial points can be monitored, planned, reported quickly and effectively

R&D Office

With the software we developed in our own R&D center and solution partners, we produce innovative digital solutions that are integrated into the automotive, defense industry, durable consumption, retail, tourism and health sector with an approach that adopts technology-supported management and production stages.

Bilişim Vadisi

Quality Policy

Quality policy elements while meeting the needs and expectations of our customers with our high technology products developed in our R&D center and solution partners;

1. High qualified and motivated employees,

2. Increasing our productivity and competitive powerk,

3. Contributing to the society and the country as a company sensitive to the environment and laws,

4. To continuously improve our working environment and conditions and our products and processes,

5. To provide the necessary resources to meet the requirements of the quality management system standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness,

Data Protection Policy

TinkData Teknoloji is able to have the special access / connection information of its customers, special configuration and contact information of critical devices while performing its activities. It is among our priorities to ensure the security of the data of their businesses and the security of the data used for information purposes to our customers we serve. Our relations with the customers, suppliers, solution partners, government and private institutions we cooperate with are important to us. The confidentiality of the information we hold with sustainable service, the integrity of our customers or our sustainable business approach, and the integrity of information assets are our most important values.

Internet of Things

To reduce costs and builds the infrastructure of new business models with smart objects and easier communication technologies

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Your digital transformation is now easy with TinkData's IoT Solutions.


Robotics Proces Automation

Business continuity is ensured by using latest technology in your digital transformation journey.

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Big Data

Large amounts of data are used to solve previously unsolvable business problems.

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Big Data